Tips not to procrastinate your thesis in 2019

To finish your thesis, you need mainly motivation, that is why we bring you these little tricks that will help you to always be willing to move forward to achieve this long-awaited goal.

1. Include in your New Year’s goals the purpose of “finishing the thesis”

In the list where you commit to meet some goals at the end of 2019, place the thesis as one of your main objectives. You may not write them, but even if this commitment is mental, it will work.

We all like to say at the end of the year, “I managed to fulfill everything I set out to do,” which is why it allows the completion of your degree project to be one of the engines that will guide you in 2019.

2. Tell everyone

Tell your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors and even place a Facebook status or an Instagram story where you affirm that this year you will terminate your thesis process.

Public commitment is a great motivator, because you will not want to look bad with everyone and you will look for a way to achieve what you promised.


3. Prepare your mind, leave messages that remind you of the thesis

The mind works in a wonderful way, so, if you remind her every day that you need to finish your degree project, she will get used to it and keep you in thesis mode.

Some ideas to leave messages to your mind are:

Write on a sheet “I need to finish the thesis this year” and stick it in the refrigerator.

Make an image with this phrase “this 2019 will finish the thesis” and place it as a screen saver of your cell phone or computer.

Leave a message in the mirror where you see yourself every day saying “do not forget that you must move forward with your thesis”.

Write small notes and distribute them in your things, you can keep one in your bag to go to college or work, one in your wallet, one in your makeup, one in different corners of your house; In short, the idea is that whenever you can, you run into this message: “finish the thesis.”

4. Take action

Do not take so long thinking about how it will be when you start, do it and now, sometimes we spend a lot of time analyzing everything together and we lose the opportunity to take small steps, which ultimately lead us to obtain the final result.

Therefore, the important thing is that every day progress in something, even if it is very small, in the end it will add up.

5. Celebrate your achievements, even if they are small

It is important to always assess your progress, it does not matter if there are not many, or if they are not what you expected, enjoy them and congratulate yourself for them. In this way you will feel that you are achieving the goal, and this will allow you to continue motivated until you reach the end.

The above can be achieved if you divide your great goal in small purposes, because each time you meet one of them, it will be a reason for joy, but above all it will be a dose of motivation.