Tips to do the thesis

How dopamine could help you finish your thesis

In our recommendations we have insisted that the thesis will not be difficult if we divide it into small and achievable steps.

We expressed this statement based on empirical information, without any scientific study to back it up.

However, a few days ago watching a video of Euge Oller, we found the reason why this strategy to write the thesis is so effective, and that is that according to Vloguero: “Dopamine is that touch of happiness that you get when you are achieving your goals. “

In other words, the closer you are to reaching a goal, the more dopamine you release.

Thus, by understanding the functioning of dopamine, it is possible to execute large projects by segmenting them into smaller parts, because as we approach a target, dopamine is released and this produces pleasure.

This means that if a person is able to raise their neural levels of dopamine, there will be an increase in their motivation and concentration.

Physiological element works

In short, we could assure that the understanding of how this physiological element works can play in favor of materializing the thesis.

Therefore, one of the best tips to finish your thesis in record time, without sacrificing the quality of the research, is to split it into small parts, you will not say you have to finish the thesis but a part of it, and that produces a different feeling in you.

For example, you can ask yourself to do the Specific Objectives in a day, then the Theoretical Framework in 4 days, the Antecedents in 3 days, etc.

Each time you complete these micrometas the dopamine that you will release will bring you motivation and happiness, which in turn will lead you to fulfill your great macro purpose, namely: finish the thesis.